Monday, July 26, 2010

Check Out These Faces




I mean, My Goodness, are they cute, or what?! We've been sadly trying to figure out who we are keeping (Should have known it was going to be soooo difficult). They all have their reasons to stay around. 

We didn't want another boy, but we even consider Clyde, mostly because he absolutely loves me. :) He is always climbing in my lap, like this:

 He fights his sisters from my lap because I protect him since he's so small. 

Olive has such a cute personality, she is very energetic, but we can't imagine her being like Brodie, but she would be a great playmate for him, if she keeps it up. Elsie seems like she might be a carbon copy of Maggie, she looks like her and seems to act like her, and this was the reason we bred her. (I know, you aren't supposed to breed for that reason, but we did.) It's going to be so hard to decide who to keep. We've got to make the decision soon, so that we can start focusing our energy on training just one, after the others find homes.

Here's a video of the puppies playing with Brodie. Like I've said - They love him. :)

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