Sunday, July 25, 2010

Boise Music Festival (Pictures of Trees...)

The Boise Music Festival was on Saturday (Yesterday, technically), and they kept advertising like you needed these free tickets to get in. So, after failing to go to where they were giving these tickets away for the last few months, Mix 106 told people to call or email in and whine for them. A lot of people were calling or emailing with tragic stories (cancer, divorce, and so on), and who knows if these stories were true. I figured it was worth a shot, so I emailed in and told them that I work nights and haven't been able to meet them anywhere for tickets because I sleep all day. A couple hours later, Kate McGwire emails me back telling me they had tickets for me at the front office, and I just had to go pick them up. Yay!

There were a lot of local bands playing on small stages throughout Ann Morrison Park, but the big names were Macy Gray, Bret Michaels and The Backstreet Boys! Now, I was more of an N*SYNC girl growing up, but the Backstreet Boys were the next best thing. They were performing at 7:50, and since we didn't really care about the other acts, we showed up 7pm, and waded through thousands of people to try and get close to the stage. Since this had been an all day thing, there was no way we were getting right up front, so we stopped when we figured it was only going to get harder and waited. When the Backstreet Boys came on stage, this was our view.

Sorry it's blurry...

We were right next to a tree, so after much deliberation with myself (am I going to embarrass myself?), I climbed the tree. The view wasn't any better, in fact, it was worse...

I was stuck up there for three songs because every time I would try to get down, someone would be in the way, or some kids would be climbing up. Then, when I was ready to get down - they were starting their last song! They only sang four songs! Two old one and two new one. Since I hadn't really been able to see the stage, I started weaving through people to try and get a good picture, this is the best I got.

Can you see two of them? I can't even tell who they are!

Ugh - I tried to upload a video four times today, each time for over an hour, and couldn't get it to work, so I guess you can't hear the concert... :(

We didn't stay for Bret Michaels, so we left after they went off the stage. I'd say it almost wasn't worth it, but I can now say I "saw" The Backstreet Boys.

Okay, sorry - I know all these pictures are lame... The stupid video wouldn't load... at least you could have heard them....

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