Monday, July 5, 2010

Star Spangled Puppies!

Even though it's now the 5th of July - Happy 4th of July! Hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday! We did! We went over to Kelly's mom's house and ate some good food - Fried chicken, and steak, baked beans, corn on the cob,  pasta salad, peach cobbler and zucchini bread! We took the puppies over there because it was either bring them all or leave them all at home since we didn't want to take Maggie from them. Kelly's mom had an old playpen that we put the puppies in to keep them confined and away from the big kids. (That's what I call the adult dogs now, lol)

On Saturday, I decided to be festive and went to JoAnns. I got some fabric to make a couple handkerchiefs for Maggie and Brodie, but it got bigger then that. I made little handkerchiefs for the puppies, a bow for Maggie, a big handkerchief for Brodie and a headband for myself. :)

  You can see the handkerchiefs and Maggie's bow here. I know her bow is a little big, but by the time I had trimmed it once and put it back on her, I didn't want to do it again. lol

Brodie's handkerchief isn't anything new for him. Kelly and his mom run a dog grooming business and his mom puts handkerchiefs on the dogs for a lot of holidays, and I usually grab one for Brodie and Maggie to wear. :)

Again, you can call me vain for taking a picture of myself, but I like my headband. :) I rolled up a triangle and then tied a bow to it to make it pretty. :) I also got a plain blue shirt at JoAnns for $2.00!

I thought this was funny - when we got in the truck, we had the puppies on our lap. (we weren't going to put them in a crate in the back, they are too little! Unfortunatley for Brodie, that's where he had to go. I should really put a video on here showing how he is in the car - he cries and barks the whole way...) Anyway - we had the puppies on our lap and Maggie jumped into her normal position, and the puppies took advantage and started nursing.

The puppies weren't the biggest fans of their handkerchiefs, but hey - it's the first time they've had something around their necks!

Elsie is trying to scratch hers off.

We had them outside for awhile, and the puppies ran around in the grass. They seemed to really like to be outside again.

Olive grabbed a piece of grass to chew on. I took it away after I took a couple pictures though...

Kelly's brother, Dan put Clyde in his pocket. He's still just a small little guy! Kelly and I always joke that he's the first Mini-Pug!

Maybe (Kelly's mom's dog) is checking Elsie out.

Boston, Pug , Boston! (cheesy?)

Olive wanted out of the playpen. 

I didn't get any pictures of Harvey with the puppies, but here he is in all his cute-ness!

We also played some Wii games (Just Dance is really fun!) and just relaxed in the perfect weather. Seriously, I don't think the weather could have been better! We were going to get some fireworks and light them Saturday night, but Kelly has been sick with a bad cold, and just wasn't feeling up to doing much on Saturday. But on Sunday night, of course, him and I went and watched the fireworks. We got there and walked all the way up to the barrier, actually found a spot and sat down. We were so close that at one point, we felt ash fall on us! Crazy, huh?! My camera is old, and doesn't take pictures right when you press the button so I wasn't able to get some really cool pictures, but because I love fireworks so much, I'll post a couple pictures.  :)

It was a really good. If you don't live in Boise, I hope you had a good show where you live. (Sorry Mtn. Home! :( )  As always - leave a comment and let me know you were here. If you have a blog, I leave a comment on your most recent story. :) Have a good week!

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