Wednesday, April 20, 2011

We did it!

We got married!

April 16th was a great day! I'm glad it's over, though, goodness - Planning a wedding a stressful thing! It was great to have family come from all over to see my marry my best friend. I've seen a few of the professional photographers' pictures, her blog is here, and you can check the rest out if you want. I will start with the couple pictures we got with Maggie and Clyde with the amazing dress and tie that Debbie made over at Pug Possessed (here's her Etsy shop, too). I'm thinking I'm going to do a Rock The Dress session and so I'll get more pictures then. I absolutely LOVE what she made!!!

 Little things were going wrong left and right, but overall it was a great day. Other than running late, the worst thing was the candles for the unity ceremony were forgotten, so we took it out of the ceremony, but no big deal, you just have to go with the flow. The rose petal toss after the ceremony went great and all the little girls kept picking the rose petals up off the ground and throwing them on me while I was talking with people. LOL I don't have any pro-pics from the ceremony yet, but here's some from my family.


Here's my sister Natalie on the left, her almost 3 yr old son, Joey as my ring bearer and on my right is my oldest sister, Alicia and her 7 year old daughter, Emma, who was my flower girl. Sorry the picture if kind of dark..

I only smeared a little bit of frosting on his face... I didn't smash it on him. =)

Here's a few of my favorites from the photographer so far.

Now, onto living happily ever after! Yahoo!!!