Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Merry Little Christmas!

We enjoyed our first married Christmas, but it was very hard not to be looking forward to next year when we have our daughter to enjoy it with! Kelly and I went to my parent's house on Christmas Eve afternoon for dinner and gift opening. I got some maternity shirts, Kelly got a sweater and we got a digital frame from my parents. I don't have any pictures of the gift opening, though. It was pretty low-key without any kids around. On Christmas morning, my parents drove 4 hours down to Ogden to celebrate Christmas with my sister, Natalie, her husband, Adam and her son, Joey, then on Tuesday, they drove 12 more hours to Phoenix to visit my other sister, Alicia and her daughter, Emma, so they had three Christmases with three daughters this year! Hopefully next year we can all celebrate together!

After leaving my parents' house, we drove back to Meridian to Kelly's uncle's house for Christmas Eve. We ate more dinner there (Sloppy Joe's - haha!) and played some games, and watched Kelly's cousins' little boy dance. Cooper is a good dancer! Look at those cute PJ's - perfect for Christmas Eve!

We slept in on Christmas morning (probably the last time we ever will, so we took advantage! lol) and then went a took advantage of a free Indian food buffet. LOL One of the Indian buffets we eat at, Madhuban, always has a free buffet on Christmas, and Kelly and his brother, Dan have gone for a couple years, but this is the first year I could join them (since I wasn't working this year! Yay!). It's pretty popular, and you have to get there early and wait in line outside in the cold. I waited in the car, though. Hehe. We ate some pretty good food, though, my favorite is always the Makhani Chicken over some rice with some Naan bread. =)

The line was really long, Kelly and Dan are behind the green SUV (a RAV? I can't quite tell), and was even longer by the time we got to the front. (Well, when I joined them from the car to go inside...lol)

After lunch at Madhuban, we went to Kelly's Mom's house to bake some brownies (So glad I found a box in my pantry! I had no idea what I was going to bring to the Christmas party at Kelly's Uncles house, and hadn't bought any ingredients!), and we opened some gifts there, too. Kelly's mom is very generous and got Dan a new vacuum (it was needed - our other one stopped working! lol), Kelly a toaster oven, and I got some more maternity shirts, which I promptly changed into, since I was having a "I have nothing to wear, nothing looks good, and I already wore a different color of the sweater I want to wear" type day. LOL

 Dan opening his vacuum, which he put together while we were there. Needless to say, our house got vacuumed on Christmas night! Yay!

 My handsome husband and I in front of Kelly's mom's tree. =)
 I had to take a bump picture in front of that beautiful tree, I hit 26 weeks pregnant that day!

After spending some time at Kelly's mom's house, we caravaned over to Kelly's uncle's house again for a Christmas dinner of ham and turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and a lot of other food! Kelly's mom made this delicious fruit salad that I couldn't get enough of, and everyone else thought it was good, too, you had to make sure you got enough the first time or you may not have gotten any more. LOL
Here's me getting ready to take and eat one of my brownies. Did I tell you we got a new camera as our present to each other? We have been having fun playing with it, hence this silly picture of me.

And because there aren't any pictures of our Puggie babies, here they are in the car getting ready to go look at Christmas lights. They were so good in the car that night, I think because it was dark, so they knew we weren't going to Pug Meet. Haha =)

I still need to write about my birthday back in October and the last month or so. I don't think I have any pictures from Thanksgiving. I ended up staying here and n going to Utah for only the second time in  my life, but I needed to work and save up vacation hours for the big event coming in a few months! So, I worked and went to Thanksgiving at Kelly's mom's house. We had a good time, but I can't find any pictures!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and has an awesome New Year! =)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sugar and Spice!

We are having a girl!!!

(I know everyone knows this by now, but I still want to blog about it. hehe!) We had our big ultrasound on my birthday! It just happened to time itself right, I was 18 weeks then, so I made sure I got to find out the gender on my birthday. It was a week earlier than they usually do it, but since it was my  birthday, they said it was fine. =) What was also kind of cool about it, was I was born at 11:27am, and at that time, we were looking at our little girl on the ultrasound. It was the best birthday present!

I honestly thought it was going to be a boy, LOL. Kelly said he knew it was a girl the whole time, but he would never tell me when I asked him what he thought. I always told him I was 51% wanting a girl, and 49% wanting a boy. A couple weeks before the ultrasound, I started getting nervous and leaning towards maybe wanting a boy more. Kelly said he was doing the same thing! Haha!

But now, we are so excited to be having a daughter! I start thinking a lot about how blessed we are to be having a baby, and then I think about how blessed we are that it's a girl. I just think that's the right fit for us right now.

 Here is her profile. See her making the I Love You sign with her hand? It's perfect because Kelly and I do this all the time!
Her perfect feet with ten perfect toes!

Five perfect little fingers!

I am now 23 weeks pregnant and feeling pretty good! Other than the general aches and pains that come with growing a baby, I'm gaining the 15lbs that I lost during morning sickness back, and I am able to enjoy this pregnancy! I have my glucose test on Dec 13th to test for gestastional diabetes, so hopefully I pass! We don't have a name completely picked out for her - that's a lot harder than I thought! I had always had a name kind of picked out, but it's almost like it's just not her name, so we are going through a lot of different names, and we have one that we call her occasionally, but we still aren't 100% on it.

She is very active, and I have been feeling her kick since I was about 16 weeks. It so cool to feel her moving around in there! I love being able to tell how much she is growing by her movements, and the different places I can feel her. By 23 weeks, they say that her face is fully developed, minus the baby fat, and that she can hear things outside the womb, so I have started to play her some good music! Just tonight, she let me know that she liked Frank Sinatra. =)

I have taken a belly bump picture every two weeks, which has been a lot of fun to see the changes. I might start taking them every week once I hit 30 weeks or something, but for now, I think every two weeks is good. Here is the one we took on Sunday for 23 weeks.