Thursday, January 17, 2013

Where to start???

I've had some extra time on my hands and have been able to catch up on some blogs, and got some motivation to start blogging again. I start my second semester back next week, so I'm sure I wont have time again, but I'll try! I finished my first semester last month. I got one A, two B's (and a D...Math!). I am only doing Tuesday and Thursday classes this semester, so hopefully that will make things a little easier. (I hope I can keep it like that - I'm on three waiting lists for online classes that I need! If I can't get into any of them, I might have to add another class on another day...ugh)

Rowyn is NINE MONTHS OLD now! I can't believe it. We had our nine month appointment and her doctor said she was a little below average for her development since she wasn't really crawling yet, or clapping, or cruising. Well, she has shown her! She is a crawling machine now, going up steps, pulling to stand, and she is just so busy! Her communication skills are above average, though. =) She isn't saying any words yet, but she knows how to shake her head no, (the dr was very impressed!), and babbles a lot. Today, I think she started trying to say "Yay", though. It sounds like "Yeah!" I have a video, maybe I can upload it.

We got some pictures done with my family at JC Penny a couple weeks ago, and here are some of them.

This was the last one taken, and you can tell because of her expression - it cracks me up.

Love this adorable girl!

Trying to crawl!

Touching her ear.

With her cousins, Emma and Joey.


We had a good Christmas, got to spend one day with each family. Rowyn got a lot of new toys and loves playing with them. Our house is covered in toys now. LOL

Here is a collage of Rowyn's first Christmas, I tried to make it big so you can see all the pictures, so I hope it isn't too big! ***Okay, you'll just have to click on it to see it.*** =)

Here's the video I was talking about. Hope it works!
Sorry this is a little bit of a heavy post, maybe I can try posting more, and then it'll be less! =)