Sunday, October 24, 2010

Goin' to the...

Chapel and we're gonna get married!!!

That's right! After 6 years together, we're making it official! We don't have a lot of official plans yet, but I have my dress! We are thinking of sometime in the spring - March or April. There's a chance we might set it for December though. It just might be easier to have the wedding around Christmas for family coming. We'll have to see what we can figure out.

Kelly hasn't officially proposed yet,  (but I have a birthday next but a couple weeks ago we went to every jewelry store in the mall and picked out one that I like at each. The two it came down to was an antique looking one, and the more modern looking one that I got. I love it! :)

We took engagement pictures last weekend. The picture at the top is a zoomed in, cropped photo of one of the pictures. This one:

I was talking to a friend at work, Natasha, who got married last year, about pictures, and she mentioned how she had a really nice camera, so instead of paying close to $100 for an engagement session, we headed out last Sunday afternoon to two beautiful places in Boise - Kathryn Albertson Park and the Boise Depot. Here's a few of my favorite ones.

Out of 217 pictures, we chose 32 poses we liked, I was just going to put 3 or 4, but I couldn't decide out of the 32. I was glad that she had such a nice camera, and that I have a bit of studio photography experience so I knew a few poses, lol.  

I've been a little obssessd with wedding planning and not really paying attention to blogging. I was waiting until I was able to call my Grandma and tell her about the engagement before I really put it out there in the open. I hope my cousins understand. :)

I'm so excited to be married to such a great, good lookin' guy! I love him so much! :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

She Loves Her Baby Boy

I was sitting on the couch the other day and looked over and saw this. :) I had to get up very slowly and get my camera (it was in the dining room - right next to the kitchen, a puggie's favorite place - they know when you're in the kitchen.) 

 They woke up after a few flashes, so I got this really cute picture. 

Then they fell right back asleep. :)

She really does love her baby. We've always thought she favored him ever since he was born. She seemed to pay special attention to him, and now they he is permanent in our house, I'm pretty sure she loves it. Not all the time, though - she does get fed up with him every once in a while. He will go play with her and she'll just growl at him, lol! We love him, too. :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Where's Clyde?

Can you see him? He loooves to go over and sit under the grapevines. There have been a couple times that we would let the dogs out, and then be ready to go inside and we wouldn't be able to find Clyde, lol! We figured it out, though ad now we know where to look. He's a silly boy. :)

He likes to try and eat the leaves. :)

Monday, October 4, 2010

It's Not In My Genes...

Yeah, so I'm not so good at golfing... We went to the driving range on Sunday to hit some golf balls and I was hoping that maybe it would be in my genes since my grandpa was a great golfer, and so is my dad - he even hit a hole in one when he was younger! (I remember a newspaper clipping about it... but it's not online - I looked...)

Do you see in the picture above that I swung the club and the ball is still there? Yeah, I apparently need some lessons. We've gone before and I didn't do too bad, but this time, not so good.

But, look - no ball! I did hit the ball a few times! We had fun though, it started to rain a little bit, but it didn't bother us. Kelly did pretty good, he is much better than me, lol.

Do you see the rainbow behind him? That was probably the best part - because I am SORE today!  But, we still had fun. I'll leave you with the rainbow. :)