Monday, October 4, 2010

It's Not In My Genes...

Yeah, so I'm not so good at golfing... We went to the driving range on Sunday to hit some golf balls and I was hoping that maybe it would be in my genes since my grandpa was a great golfer, and so is my dad - he even hit a hole in one when he was younger! (I remember a newspaper clipping about it... but it's not online - I looked...)

Do you see in the picture above that I swung the club and the ball is still there? Yeah, I apparently need some lessons. We've gone before and I didn't do too bad, but this time, not so good.

But, look - no ball! I did hit the ball a few times! We had fun though, it started to rain a little bit, but it didn't bother us. Kelly did pretty good, he is much better than me, lol.

Do you see the rainbow behind him? That was probably the best part - because I am SORE today!  But, we still had fun. I'll leave you with the rainbow. :)

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