Thursday, March 1, 2012

If you can help...

I know, I never post, but my local Pug Rescue group, Pug Pals, has a Pug named Thor who needs his little leg amputated! They are taking donations, and I thought I'd put it out there into the blog world and if anyone has the means to donate even a couple dollars, you could help Thor out! Here is the facebook post and x-ray picture :

 His broken right leg is so sad, but he has adjusted to the pain and puts on a brave little face. Sweet boy! Thanks to the kindness of generous Thor Fans, we now have $457 in the Thor surgery fund (for his amputation), YEAH! We need to raise around $1,500 more before we can schedule his surgery. If you are interested in helping Thor, whether it's $1 or $1,000, please go here and click "Donate." THANK YOU from Thor! ♥

About me:

I'm about 4 weeks (1 month from today!) from my due date (April 1st), and we are very anxious to meet our little girl! Here is my most recent bump picture, with Maggie included. =)

Also, just for fun, I'll show the nursery! We have painted and set a few things up, but it isn't finished. we still need to get some crib bedding (she will be in a cute cradle in our room first), decorate the walls and put curtains up. (Pink things, of course!) Here's the progress so far. =)

Maybe I'll have something super exciting to post about soon! =) (but not too soon, of course, we want our baby as cooked as possible, hehe!)