Friday, July 29, 2011

Puppy Pool Party!

On hot days we like to fill up the pool and throw the dogs in. They don't usually stay in, so we throw cookies in, and Maggie will go into the water and get them, but Clyde still isn't so sure...

Maggie is pretty brave (Or not very she will do anything to get a cookie!  Even put her whole face under the water. Haha!

 We take a lot of water proof toys and put them in the water in attempts to get them to jump in. The only thing that can really get them in the water (besides cookies) is the little tennis ball pictured below. They love that one.

 Maggie's the brave one.

 Since Clyde won't get in the pool very easily, Kelly usually decides he needs to get wet one way or another, so he sprays him with the hose.

Then he gets all upset and I have to hold him because of his daddy being "mean".

Yes, his chin is covered in pimples. It's getting better now, but we are wiping his chin after he eats and putting acne medicine on it. lol

We've done a few things this summer, but nothing totally blog worthy. We are planning a vacation for the 3rd week in September, so that will be a lot of fun! Once I have more pictures uploaded to Picasa, I'll blog some more about the summer.  =)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sigh...No Pictures...

I apparently can't blog from my work computer anymore. I used to upload all of my pictures to Picasa from home and then blog with those pictures. I wasn't downloading anything to my work computer, but I think the new blogger layout (Man, I don't particularly like is doing something to the security features on this computer. I was going to get so good at getting back into blogging, too! Does anyone know if we can go back to the old blogger?

Well, today is Maggie's 6th birthday! We are broke, but hopefully we can get her a special treat like last year. It doesn't have to be anything big, right? I absolutely love that little girl! I'm so glad she came into my life and then was able to bring Clyde into our lives. I had cats growing up because my Mom got bit by a German Shepard on her cheek when she was 6 and has to have thirteen stiches! So, no dogs for us. She will tolerate Maggie and Clyde when my parents come over, but she doesn't love it. LOL Anyway, with cats, I loved them, I remember having a kitten for a couple weeks, but then we had to sadly put him down because of an ulcer on his eye and I was so upset, but I didn't love those cats like I love my dogs. Maggie and Clyde are like our children. It's hard to believe I got Maggie almost 6 years ago! I actually got Maggie around the time Kelly and I had been dating for a year. I had my own apartment and I wasn't home a whole lot with full time school and work, so Maggie ended up just living at Kelly's house. I would take Maggie home when I was going to be home for a while, but she lived with Kelly for the most part, and I think that was a great setup because she got to play with Kelly and Brodie (Our Boston Terrier at the time) and didn't have to be alone.

I remember Kelly convinced me to get a dog instead of a cat and I was trying to decide what kind of dog to get and it was between a Yorkie and a Pug. I decided on a Pug because Kelly and his Mom run a dog grooming business and I didn't want to have to deal with all that. LOL I'm so glad I decided on a Pug! Who knew I would find such a Pug community?! We have a huge Pug group here in Boise (something like 400 members! Not that we see all 400 members, there's probably about 30 families that show up regularly.) and there is a huge Pug community online! I love reading through all the blogs! I'm sure you can find that for other breeds, but there's something about Pugs!

Happy 6th Birthday, Maggie!!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Couple of Pug Meets (Photo Dump)

I've been really bad with blogging recently... oops... Summer is about halfway over and we've done enough to be blogged about, so I'm going to try and churn out two or three blogs in the next few days.

They moved our Pug meets from 12pm at a park only a few minutes from our house to 9am at a park that's about 20 minutes from our house. They have to do that during the summer because the other park isn't available because of soccer and then they move it to 9am so that it's not too hot for the Puggies. It is usually only for June - August, though. I know the city is getting all jerky about how and when we hold our Pug meets, so I really hope we can continue to keep them going just as we always do!

I got this picture from our site, this was our last Pug meet - Pug O' July!

 Maggie likes to get on the picnic table so she can be with us. =)

 Clyde runs around and gangs up on other Pugs... he never starts the trouble, but he seems to find it! (But he's not a bad guy, he just likes to play with the other energetic Pugs! =)  )

 Clyde's Daddy, Royce checking his son out. This was a Pug meet right before Father's Day and we were joking about how Royce needed a Father's day present. lol

 Here's FeiFei, our friends, Simon and Yangs' Pug. They have a Boston Terrier, Toro, too. (Pictured later)

In these next few pictures, you can see Royce, (on the leash) and Rebel, a foster Pug playing. Rebel kept wanting to play with Royce and then he would surrender and get on his back, it was quite funny. As you can see, Clyde (In the red H style harness) is involved, but not totally in the "fight". He's a good kid. =)

 We found a toy in the treasure chest we thought we would like to have at home, so we let Maggie chew on it for a little bit and Toro wanted to play with it.
 Clyde wanted to play with it, too.
 (We are in the process of trying to get Clyde a matching harness to Maggie's but in blue. We had a step in argyle harness on for him, but it was choking him, so we returned it, and now we're trying to get him one that perfectly matches Maggie's. The Amazon store we got Maggie's from doesn't have his size in stock, so we are going to try and get it from directly from the distributor! (The great thing about Kelly and his Mom owning a dog grooming business!) )

Those were some pictures from a Pug meet last month, and these are from Pug O' July this past weekend.

 FeiFei is resting on her mama's foot.

 Dan petting Clara Bow. Clara is very cute - she has a lot of skin around her neck! This isn't a very good picture to see it, but it certainly makes for a cute girl!
 Here's the picture promised of Toro. This little guy is the best behaved Boston Terrier around!
Olive was at Pug O' July!!!

 Olive still likes to wiggle, so it's hard to get a good picture of her, but I'm so glad we can see her occasionally!
And one last picture of Clyde. Can you see how much bottom lip this guy has? He is good at tucking it in, so it's not always visible, but sometimes he lets it hang out. It's so stinkin' cute!

So this is a photo dump blog post. Yeah, I just wanted to post a lot of pictures I had taken. None of them are spectacular, but I just wanted to post them anyway. =)