Thursday, July 8, 2010

Still Not Enough

Do you see the five pillows we have to keep them in? It used to be two.

The puppies used to not be able to even scale two pillows.

Yesterday, Elsie (not Olive!) climbed her way out over the five pillows we have to keep them in. I think it was only the way we had the pillows situated, not the amount. I wish I had a picture of it, but I was in the kitchen, and I heard Kelly say "Elsie is getting out" So I came into the living room just to see her come over the top of the pillows and then look down like "okay, now what?" It was pretty funny. And yes - we have a 24 pack of Pepsi sitting there. It's to hold the "fence" in place, because it keeps sliding.

This is a normal site that we see when we walk up to their area. They all run to the corner and jump up for us. THEY ARE SO CUTE!!! 

I'm heading out on a little vacation this weekend. I'm going to Logan, Utah to see some family. I have some family down from Seattle and my sister and her daughter are up from Phoenix, so I'm way excited to go, but sad to leave. (Kelly and of course the puppies and Maggie and Brodie are staying home. :(  ) My Cousins' daughter is in the big production of The Sound of Music playing Gretl (The youngest of the Von Trapp family). So we are seeing that this weekend. It should be fun! 

Hope everyone has a good weekend! :)

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  1. well hello there! thank you so much for the congratulations -- you are so nice! we are very excited jack finally decided to join us. see you online :)