Thursday, July 22, 2010

Their Little Buddy

Well, We've always called Brodie Little Buddy, but the puppies seem to think he is there for their enjoyment.

Brodie and Elsie playing.

Brodie is gently biting Olive's paw, while closing his big eye to protect it. :)

This is actually an action shot of Brodie and Clyde, just imagine paws going up right after this was taken...

Brodie is a very high energy dog, and he loves to play with these puppies. He never hurts them, even though they can make him cry. If Brodie enters the room, they all run to him to play with him. I think they have been very good for him, since we can't go to the park every weekend like we would before they were born. Don't worry, Brodie, we'll start going to the park again very soon. :)

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