Thursday, July 8, 2010

Kibble Eaters

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We have pretty much finally weaned the puppies off of milk! They still chase Maggie and try to drink some, but she should just be about out of milk for them to drink. A few weeks ago, we went and spent about $25 on some milk replacer (like baby formula) and made some up and they wouldn't eat it (or drink, I guess). So, we gave them some canned soft food and they seemed to like it much better. So, we returned the milk replacer ($25 back to us!) and fed them the canned food. We then started to soak some hard kibble in water so it would be soft and gave it to them to eat. They prefer us to hand feed them, but if you walk away they will eat it themselves. Kelly fed them some dry kibble the other day and they ate it without any problems. We ran out of the kibble Kelly's mom gave us (thanks!) so we finished off the softened food and bought our own bag today.

I'm blogging from Flickr and as far as I know, I can only blog one picture at a time. I have lots, of course!

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