Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mount Naomi Peak

Sorry it's been awhile since I've posted. We decided to go on a 7 mile (almost) hike on Saturday and I actually got a really bad sunburn. (STUPID....) My shoulders are blistered and I have a hard time moving. I thought I was going to be really sore after the hike, but I think the sunburn was so bad, it overshadowed the soreness. But, boy it was a beautiful hike. We went up Logan Canyon and hiked Mount Naomi, which is the highest peak in Northern Utah. Lots of pictures to follow!
This is Tony Grove Lake, where we started.

Here is my niece, Emma at the beginning. She went the whole 7 miles!
There was still some snow on the mountain, and Emma, who has grown up in Phoenix, loved it!

It made these really cool caves as it melted.

There were some small waterfalls.

We made it all the way to the top! (My dad didn't have a hat, so he wore one that was sitting around my grandma's house, which happened to be a paino one, lol)

Beautiful view of the east

Cache Valley was to the west (where Logan is)

The elevation is 9,980 feet, so we were hoping if we jumped, we could reach 10,000. Here's my sister, Alicia jumping. I didn't get a good picture of me jumping.

We came across a Pug about 1/4 down the mountain!

We cooled off in the streams on the way down. They were just little trickles on the way up, and then pretty strong on the way down. (If I would've known we were going to go hiking, I would've brought better shoes!)

Saw a deer run across the trail when we were close to the bottom, can you see it?

When I started to feel the burn on the way down, I found a leaf towards the bottom to cover my shoulder.
 This is the dirt mark (and later the tan (burn?) line) when we got to the car.

I took a picture of my sunburn on the way home Sunday, and that doesn't even look near as bad as it has looked this week.

As we were leaving Logan on Sunday, my dad pointed out the mountain, so I took a picture. :)

It was a lot of fun, I thought I wasn't going to make it because I'm so out of shape, there were times I wanted to say "I'll just wait here for you to come back down" but it was the determination to get to the top that helped. It was good to spend time with my sister, niece and my dad, and I'm glad I'll have that memory always. (But hopefully no scars from the sunburn! I'm probably going to head to a dermatologist in the next week or two to look at it, it's that bad!)

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