Monday, July 19, 2010

Finally! Some Puppies!

You'll have to excuse my last two posts if you are just here for puppies. :) Like most, my blog is my journal, or scrapbook, so I gotta use it for remembering stuff!

 Top to bottom is Elsie, Clyde and Olive 

So last Sunday, when I got home from Utah, after being gone for four days, I walked into the house, and Kelly had covered the whole living room, first with a plastic drop cloth for painting, and then with every blanket we had been using for the puppies. He's so smart! See, this solved a problem - ever since the puppies have been old enough to run around and play, we've let them out, and they seem to relieve themselves right away, and it was getting quite stressful for us. Now, the carpet wont be damaged. Love that guy!  :) I looked at the puppies as soon as I could, and right away they looked bigger! In just four days, they had grown, but most of all, they were excited to see me! (maybe they had forgotten about me, and were just excited to see someone new, but I like to think they missed me :) ) Because of my second degree sunburn (yes, it really was that serious to talk about like that... I couldn't move! lol) I didn't take many pictures the first few days I was home. But I'd like to think I got some good ones in the past couple days.

If you haven't seen in any pictures, we have a sunken living room, so there is a step, and for the most part, the puppies couldn't get up there, but now Elsie and Olive can. Clyde can crawl up if he has enough motivation. (Food Maggie and Brodie used to jump up the step to get away from them, but now they have to jump on the couch or go upstairs.Olive seems to be the most daring. Elsie kind of steps down off they higher part, but Olive jumps. I got this picture perfectly!

We are pretty sure we have exceptionally cute puppies. They love to play (but what puppy doesn't?) and they love to play with Maggie and Brodie. They started playing with Brodie first, and then just this week, Maggie started to play with them. Brodie gets really nervous when they try to get him, but he rarely runs from them.

Doesn't he look a little nervous?

Maggie will gently play bite-face with her babies.

They of course love to chew on anything, mostly my shoes though. I know it's bad of me to let them, but they aren't causing any damage... yet

Clyde is chewing on my Adidas I've had forever.

They are all fighting over my flip flop.

They love to play tug of war, so we need to get them a rope or something they can all fight over, but for now, they just have flip flops and camera strings.

Here's Elsie tugging on my camera strap.

Speaking of Elsie, here's a cute picture I got of her chewing on some paper.

The paper, of course, was removed from her mouth right after I took this.

And speaking of cute...

Here's a cute picture of Olive on her back.

When they get tired, they all crawl under the loveseat. It's their little cave. 

Here's Clyde (in front) and Olive (behind) taking a nap in their "cave"

Olive has recently started to get brave and try and climb the stairs. We always ruin her fun and get her down, though. 

I think those are all the cutest pictures of the puppies I've gotten over the past week. They are almost 8 weeks old, and it's about time for them to to go their new homes. We don't have any set up though, we have been trying to decide what to do. We are going to keep one, but of course, we want to keep all three. They all have their pros and cons (mostly pros) and once we decide, we will find a perfect home for the others. (Someone we know and can keep in touch with.) It's hard to think they won't always live with us, but we knew that's what we were getting into when we bred Maggie. Speaking of Maggie, she turned 5 years old on Monday, July 12th! A couple years ago, we had fun and threw her a birthday party, but this year, we just got her a special meal, and fed it to her.

She knew it was something special.

It even had pieces of pasta in it! Yep - we fed it to her on a special plate.

She thouroughly enjoyed it. We mixed her kibble and some rice with it. (Rice has helped her tummy recently)

I love knowing that I've had Maggie for almost 5 years now. As most people say, I never thought I could love a dog so much! I didn't have a dog growing up because my mom got bit by a Rottweiler when she was 6. When Kelly and I started dating, I was thinking of getting a cat, but he convinced me to get a dog, and I got Maggie. One of the best moves I ever made. She really brings so much joy to my life. :)

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