Monday, August 2, 2010

They Love The Sun!

Every time anyone goes into the kitchen, the puppies run towards the back door. Ever since we have taken them outside, they always want to go out. We only take them out in the back yard in the morning of the evening because of the heat, but they don't understand, and just want to be outside all of the time. I've been trying to take them outside every morning when I get home from work to give them a little more room to explore and run around in (and if they go potty - that's even better! Like you want to know... :) ).

 If we let Maggie and Brodie out without them, they cry at the door. So, I take them outside.

They can crawl up and down the steps, even Clyde! He's very careful and kind of nervous about it, though.

They chase each other and myself across the lawn. 
As you look at these pictures, I'll let you know that we just got automatic sprinklers installed and for some reason, they tell us to water three times a day. The grass was dead before because the previous owners of the house (we moved in last August) had a big pool and trampoline in the back yard and it pretty much killed all the grass. 

Okay, moving on...

Clyde likes to hang out.

Elsie runs around.

So does Olive.

The chase each other up on the deck and play, but we have to be careful, because they like to try and jump off, and in some parts, it's high!

They get their mom while Brodie watches, waiting to see if they'll get him...

But then he decides it's safer up on the deck in the chair. :)

When it's time to go inside, I corral them and try to guide them inside.

This time, I got Elsie and Clyde in, but Olive escaped.

Then Elsie gets out, so I grab her. Clyde's inside, so I can easily pick Olive and Elsie up and carry them in.

Maggie can see her babies inside and wants to get inside with them.

Then Clyde and Maggie take a nap.(Olive and Elsie still have plenty of energy. :) )

And that's a typical morning outside. They absolutely love it out there! Right at the moment as I write this, Olive and Elsie are chasing each other all around the living room, weaving in and out of obstacles and under and out  from the couch, and Clyde is resting on my lap. I love it. :)

We have started to try and find them homes and we have a few prospective lookers. As of now, I think we are going to keep Olive. We look at Elsie and think - why aren't we keeping her? And we don't have a reason. There's just something in us that says that Olive will be a better match for us. I, of course, want to keep Clyde, but our biggest fear is having our already anxiety ridden Brodie lose his mind when Clyde starts marking. Brodie has always been a nervous dog with anxiety issues. When we got Maggie, he reverted back to being a puppy and we had to train him a long with Maggie. It's going to be so sad to see them go, but we are being very picky about where they will live. We love them just like we love our own big kid dogs (Maggie and Brodie) and we just want to make sure they are well taken care of. I'll keep you updated (If I'm no too when they find their forever homes. :)

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