Monday, August 30, 2010

Meet Me At The Fair!

(I love Meet Me In St. Louis, so I had to use that line...)

We love to go to the Western Idaho Fair and we always go more than once every year. We buy our tickets in advance and save some money. This year we went the first Sunday and the last Saturday, I think it was best to do it that way, because they have different acts each weekend.

When we went last weekend, we got there around 6pm and stayed until about 10pm. We saw a couple shows, one of them being this percussion group who played on water jugs, stools and pans. The best part was (even though I was a percussionist in high school and college...) that little guy at the bottom of the stage. He had some good dance moves, and loved to clap. It was great. :) We also saw this Star Trek show, one of those where they get the audience involved, it was kind of fun. We went through the Dinosaur exhibit. You had to pay $2, and it was okay, but I don't know if it was worth $2, lol. It had animatronic (is that a word? Spell check doesn't think so...) Dinosaurs, and lots of good information on them.

It's blurry because I didn't use the flash since it was dark in there.

When we went yesterday (Saturday) we went early at 11am and avoided the main crowd. We saw a couple shows, rode some rides and played around.

 I posed with a Lego Man...

 Picked a huge nose...

And became a farmer with big ears. :)

Kelly prefers to be behind the camera... so you get three pictures of me. :) We went to the petting zoo and one goat had a cup stuck on his mouth and he was trying to get some grain at the bottom, so I took it off and fed it to him. (We're cheap - we didn't buy any)

There was an Australian show that I'm assuming talked about Australian animals that we were going to see, but we walked by and saw they had the animals in a cage, so we looked at them and took some pictures, but never came back to see the show.

We bought 30 tickets, so that was three rides for us. We went on one last weekend and two yesterday. I didn't get a picture of the one from last weekend, but I took pictures of the two we rode yesterday.
 The claw like thing spins while it swings back and forth - it's my favorite - I wish it lasted longer. :)

This is just a loop and it goes around like it would loop on a roller coaster, I used to love this one, but I don't know if I'm just getting older, or if I've found better rides, but it was still fun.

For the most part the fair was fun again this year. We always say "oh, we need to make sure we do this, or eat this or save up for this next year." So, I think I'm going to put a sticky note on Decembers calender page and then put it on next years August page with reminders on it. We would really like to get medieval pictures done, but never want to spend the $30 or so on it, but if we saved for it, it might be better. We got the western one done a few years ago :) 

I've got a puppy post to do, and hopefully I can fit it in tonight, but I should probably play with them first. We still have Elsie, but she will probably find her new home this week. It's been really hard to decide to give her up, but we just can't have 4 dogs. Hopefully she will go to a good family that will love her and spoil her like we want to.

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