Thursday, September 2, 2010


 (She's a blinker in a lot of pictures... hehe)

That's Elsie's new name for her new home. :) I will still call her Elsie in this post, though.

Elsie went to her new forever home on Monday. Her new mommy came and met her and took her home. It was very sad for us to see her go, but in a way, it was bittersweet. Bitter because we miss her, but sweet because we can focus on training Clyde and get some order in our house back. (I'm going to squeeze in some of these last pictures I want to share of her and her playing with everyone)

Here she is snuggling up to her mommy.

Elsie and Brodie we playing, but I think this picture looks like they were snuggling. :)

And here we are snuggling before she left. :)
She is such a beautiful little girl, it was so hard for us to decide to give her up, but we just wouldn't have four dogs. I've been putting off writing this post for a few days because I miss her, but I think if I write it, it might help.

Here is Maggie, Clyde and Elsie begging in the kitchen.

Here is her beautiful face (with her eyes open!)

Her new family named her Isabella and are calling her Izzy. I love it. :) I was told she did well her first night, and that she is so well mannered and very smart. I felt so proud. :)

Last week I was playing with the big kids and puppies outside and got some cute pictures.

The puppies love to chase and bite their mom. (Yes - we need to clean the patio...:) )

I absolutely love this picture of Clyde! It's the wallpaper on my desktop right now. :)

Sometimes it's hard to walk with puppies at your feet...

 They play with Maggie on the deck, get her to the edge, and she jumps off. Then, it takes the puppies a few seconds to realize they need to go to the stairs to get down to where she is. (The previous owners had a pool in the back yard and killed the grass, and the people that just put in our automatic sprinklers brought a lot of weeds with them... just so you know. :) )

Speaking of stairs... this is kind of a cute picture... if it wasn't so blurry...

Brodie is cold and wants to go in... this guy is always cold. :)

Can you understand why I couldn't give him up? Look at that face! (not that I didn't love Olive and Elsie, they were extremely hard to give up...)

Then we went inside...

Everyone got a cookie...

And then took a nap. :)

We miss Elsie, but hopefully her new family will bring her to a Pug meet once in a while. :) On Tuesday, we picked the blankets and plastic off the floor and got our living room back! Clyde almost has full roaming privileges over the house and seems to be loving it. We've still kept their area up and keep him in there over night and when we leave. He just needs to be fully potty trained and should gain full free roaming privileges. :)

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