Monday, September 6, 2010

Crazy About Clyde

Well, Clyde has been an official member of our family for a week now. (okay, he's really been here for the whole almost 4 months of his life, but I hope you know what I mean...) As hard as it was to give up his sisters, I'm glad we were able to keep him. He has a big personality stuffed in his little body, and he keeps us laughing.

One funny thing he does is when he's eating. He'll eat his food, and then he picks up his bowl with his teeth and carries it around. I'm not sure why he does this, or where he got it from, but I love it.

Yes, we feed him out of a small dipping bowl.

Then he picks it up and carries it... it's so funny!

Since he is our family member now, we went to get him a harness. I had seen a cute blue argyle collar at Target a couple weeks ago, and loved it, but we wanted to get him started on a harness instead of training him in a collar, then switching. We took him to Petco on Friday and stuck him on a pillow in the cart. We had taken him to a few stores earlier this week, but he was still a little nervous in the cart.

We looked at the fish...

Checked out some toys...

Looked at the harnesses and collars...

 We tried a few different ones on (this one fit, but he wouldn't be able to grow into it. Too bad because it was on clearance!)...

  We found an argyle harness, but I guess he's in an awkward stage, because the small was too small and the medium was too big. So we ended up with this one:

(I took this picture with my phone when we got home) I don't love it, but it will do for a few months. It reversible and has "faux fur" on the other side, so hopefully it doesn't stay too hot. 

He went to his "first" Pug Meet on Saturday. It was his "first" as our only puppy, and he has the time of his life! We let him run around, and he did! He played with the big kids, and everyone loved him!

Here he his turbo-ing around.

He kind of hung out with his dad, Royce. Royce is the one on the left with a hand on him.

He surrendered to Holly, who is a couple years old and loves babies. :)

He got held by his "Uncle Dan" when he got too crazy.

And his "Uncle Dan" gave him a drink of his water. 

Maggie had fun too. She kept a careful eye on Clyde to whole time :)

Brodie spent the whole time running around playing with other dogs. Some people love to play with him, so we just kind of let him run around while we keep an eye on him. We weren't watching him the whole time, and something happened to his eye. You can see in my new blog banner :), he looks like he's winking. He's not. Somehow his eye got hurt. We was opening it more today, and it should be better tomorrow, but we're keeping an eye on it (pun not really intended... but how else should I say it? :) )

Speaking of my new blog banner, do you like it? I liked the idea of our names being together like that, and while I don't love the name BroClyMag, it will have to do until I can think of something better. If you have any ideas, let me know. :)

We went to the Spirit of Boise this weekend, and it was pretty fun. I'll post some pictures of it later. Right now, I'm going to curl up with my Puggies (Yay! I have two I can cuddle with now!) and watch a movie. Thanks for reading! :)

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