Friday, September 24, 2010

The Weekend

I haven't posted for a week because we didn't really do a whole lot this past weekend. We went to a Pug Meet on Saturday and the only good thing (besides some good conversation) was that we saw Olive!

Isn't she getting so big?! As soon as I saw them show up, I ran towards them. :) She is growing very well and is happy and healthy. She was very wiggly (just like a puppy should be) and this was the best picture I got of her. It was soo good to see her! I also got an update on Elsie ( now Izzy ) - her owners boss is a regularr at the Pug Meets, and told me that he got to see Izzy a little while ago and said she is happy and healthy also, so that was great to hear. Izzy's owner has to work nights on the weekend, so it's not easy for her to try and make it to a Pug Meet on Saturday.

And that's all the good that happened at the Pug Meet. Clyde had fun, but unfortunately Maggie got attacked by some big dogs that were passing by. She's okay, but ended up with a puncture wound on her shoulder from a muzzled mouth. I was so mad, and poor Maggie was shaken the rest of the day. About 10 minutes after that happened, a lady brought Brodie to us with a bloody paw - he had too much fun, and had almost knocked a nail off his paw! Like I've said before - it's not unusual for Brodie to get hurt, he just plays too hard. We take him out to the park and if we don't go to the park, we make sure to play with him at home, but he just can't ever get enough. We've actually given him a pill to make him more relaxed a couple times, but we don't really like to do that.

So, on to other things, Friday night we finally got Clyde a tag and earlier in the week, we picked up a collar for him to wear around. We want him to be a harness dog, but he's to big for a small harness, and too small for a medium, so he will have to wear a collar until he grows some. (Yes, we still have the harness we got him, but it's been to warm to have him wear it.)

Love this guy! :)

I'm determined to keep him in Argyle. :) We got the collar from Target, and I went to PetSmart to make the tag and they have a new machine that will do both sides. So I was able to put his name in a cool font on the front and I put my phone number on the back. I've always liked it better that way.

I've been trying to take individual pictures of them so I can get some 8x10's up of them, so I've kept my camera with me more than usual. I've gotten a few good ones.

(I had to blur my phone number out on his tag - don't really want that for everyone to see - lol)

Maggie goes outside and just lays on the deck, and Clyde has started to sit next to her. I love this picture, but he looks giant!

 I like this one, but it's kind of at a weird angle.

 This one's good, but Clyde wanted to be in it. :)

And the baby. :) (I blurred out my number again :) )

I like the last one of Clyde, but I think the tag ruins it, so I'll just try again this weekend. It's very hard to get a picture of Brodie, I've said before - he just doesn't take good pictures, normally when I tel him to sit, he cries because he thinks it's for a toy or something.

Speaking of Brodie, as you know, he loves his toys. I got a pretty funny picture the other day. A small toy had gone under the couch and he was laying there whining for someone to get it out, so I stuck my camera under there to take a picture. :) Sometimes Clyde will go get it for himself, and then Brodie will take it from him, lol.

Can you see him? Sorry, I think it's funny. Hehe :)

We also cleaned out the garage to make some room for Kelly's weight set and my treadmill, and an exciting new toy that may or may not be joining us by my birthday next month....

Two trips to the dump like this -

Hehe :)

When we moved in last year, we kept tons of stuff we thought we might need, but a lot of it, of course was never used, and the old couch was really dirty, so to the dump it went.

Okay, one more cute picture of Clyde and then I'm done... Goodness, for an uneventful weekend, I sure did post a lot of stuff... Oh boy... Sorry 'bout that.

This might end up as his 8x10...

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