Friday, September 17, 2010

Pantry Girl

Almost everytime we open the pantry door, Maggie thinks she needs to go in and sit down. I know she knows that's where the food is, but I'm not sure if she thinks that if she stays in there long enough the food will just fall and she'll eat it all. There have been a few times we've locked her in there without knowing! Ther was one time that we left for a little while and came back and wondered where she was. We had just moved into our house and we were afraid she had run away (very unlike her - Brodie is another story...). We asked Dan if he had seen her and he hadn't. We were calling her name and finally heard her from the pantry!

She is always under our feet while we cook, and if something falls, she is there to clean up any mess. There have been countless times I've been petting her and felt something sticky or hard on her back and had to go try and get the dried stuff off. Aahhhh, Gotta love our Puggie! :)

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