Monday, August 9, 2010

First Pug Meet!


The puppies went to their first Pug Meet this weekend. They got to socialize and get passed around to lots of nice people! They also met their daddy! Of course they didn't know who the other was, but it was still fun. :)

This is the best picture of their daddy I could get with a puppy in it. 

Things happen so fast with dogs and puppies, we couldn't get them to pose with their daddy. I think the puppy in the picture is Elsie. 

When we got there, we carried them over in the Pack N' Play and immediately they were picked up and told how cute they were. :) As people arrived, they would walk over and check them out. We took them out, and eventually they were one the grass trying to play with the big kid dogs. 

One of the puppies was playing with this big kid, I can't tell who, though

Can you see the puppy? They seemed to have a lot of fun!

They played with Toro, Brodie's Boston Terrier friend, because they like Bostons. :)

Clyde got chased by Thor - the big guy!

We put a small pink collar on Olive so we could tell who she was, since she's the one we plan on keeping.

After playing for a while, the puppies were all tuckered out. They started to get passed around as they were too tired to fight it. :)

This little girl gave Clyde some kisses. :)

These girls loved the puppies and carried them everywhere. :)

It was nice to be back at a Pug meet. We hadn't been since before the puppies were born. We let people know they were looking for forever homes, and had a couple people interested, but haven't been contacted since. 

After the Pug meet, we headed over to Kelly's mom's house since we were kind of near there, and ate some lunch. The puppies played with Maybe (Maybeline) and Harvey.

Harvey and Olive played.

Harvey seemed to like to have puppies younger than him there. (he's about 6 weeks older than them , I think) He would chase them around and tackle them. I think it was fun for them all. 

Olive (in the collar) Elsie, Maybe and Harvey all played on the bed. 

Elsie played with a big ball.

After awhile, we laid down on the couch and took a nap.(Elsie has a lot of energy - she was still playing. lol)

It was a pretty good day, it was good to get out, and take the puppies out to socialize. We are still trying to find the puppies their forever homes, and while I haven't wanted to open it to the general public, I might have to list them on ZIdaho or Craigslist. We just want to make sure they go to really good homes!

Just to complain - I've been trying to write this blog posting since Sunday morning! For some reason, my laptop just hasn't wanted to work correctly! Also, we are having battery problems, and I haven't been able to get my camera to work for very long. (We use rechargeable batteries, and I think they are getting old) Grrr.. :)

Anyway - Thanks for reading, and of course, if you know of a good family to take one of the puppies, let me know! :)

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