Tuesday, August 24, 2010

And Then There Were Two

Clyde, Olive and Elsie in the kitchen.

Olive found a forever home! I know - I said we were keeping Olive, but we really had no idea who we wanted to keep. We went to the Pug Meet on Saturday and this girl just fell in love with Olive, so her mom took a picture and sent it to her husband, and her husband said yes! They are a great family, they have a 2 year old girl Pug named SweetPea, and they thought Olive would be a great addition! They kept her name (for now, they could always change it later if they want) and then the connection was made - Olive (Oil) and SweetPea - like Popeye! LOL I think Elsie was a little sad and confused when she realized Olive was gone, but she seems to be doing better every day. I briefly talked to Olive's new mom today and she said that Olive is doing great, so that was good to hear.

 Olive and I before she went to her new home.

We have decided that we are only going to keep Clyde, as hard as it is to see the puppies go, I think it's best we stick close to the original plan and only keep one. (The actual original plan was to keep one girl, but Clyde got the best of us, lol)  We wouldn't mind keeping Elsie, but four dogs would be hard. (Plans could always change, though!)

Here's Elsie and Clyde hanging out on the couch. (Clyde looks huge here!)

This is from the same "photo shoot" as above, before Maggie got distracted and ran off. lol

We have almost gotten potty training down. Tonight Elsie ran to the door, so I let her out and she went! I was so proud! :) It will be so nice when we can have our living room back soon! Clyde is doing well with it too, he knows he's in trouble if he has an accident. I absolutely hate locking them in the crate when they have an accident, but it helps them learn. I wish they knew that, but luckily they don't stay mad for long. 

I'm glad I was able to get some pictures up tonight, I don't like to post without pictures. I think maybe it had something to do with Saturday nights' storm. (Click the link if you haven't heard about it.) Our power never went out, but the internet was down for most of Sunday (Oh no!) We were pretty lucky to only have a few branches come down in our cul-de-sac. I kept running outside to feel the wind gusts and see if there was any lightning and for hours there were constant sirens because of all the fires and chaos. I may have seen the sky light up when one of the transformers blew during the fire, but it could have been some sheet lightning, too. 

Anyway, there are a few different posts I would like to to, but I'll save those for the week. I took tonight (Monday) off to get some things done during the day and just to get some extra rest, I've been extra tired the past couple weeks for some reason, and while I don't believe in catching up on sleep (Yeah, that idea flew out the window when I was working 80 hours a week a few years ago...lol), I hope I can get some needed rest tonight. G'night! :)

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