Monday, June 28, 2010

Playtime at the Park!

First car ride!

Yesterday we took the puppies to the park for the first time. We needed to take Brodie to the park, so we figured we would bring the puppies along this time. It was a little chaotic when we first got to the park, but we got it all figured out. They actually hit their one month birthday yesterday, so Happy Birthday to them!

 This picture isn't the best, but it shows we are in grass!

The puppies ran around a little bit, and played with each other, and us. They all like to bite, but Elsie has needle sharp teeth. (The others will too in a little while.. oh boy...) When Elsie gets riled up and pants, she makes the cutest face, seen here:

Told you it was cute... 

They played for a little bit, and then Clyde fell asleep.

We call him Careful Clyde or Cautious Clyde. He's pretty laid back. He likes to watch his sisters play, but not really get involved. Although, Kelly and I were watching a movie (The Box - pretty good, but you have to really follow it.) and I had Olive and Clyde sleeping on me, and then Clyde woke up and stated playing with me, so he may be starting to catch up with his sisters.

Then Elsie fell asleep with her face in the grass. I couldn't get a very good picture because of the angle, but you get the idea.

Olive was still interested in playing, so she bit my fingers and ran around in the grass. 

Maggie cooled off by laying in the dirt in the shade. 

Kelly and Dan threw the Frisbee for Brodie, and just like before got a bunch of dirt and mud on his face. 

We let Maggie and Brodie chew on the water jug (one of their favorite things to do) before we left.

Then we piled everyone back in the car, and by the time we got home, the puppies were asleep. We just left them in the crate and put them back in their area.

I know I have a lot of pictures... maybe someday I'll learn to not be so specific. I'm pretty sure I learned it from my Mom (love you mom!). Sometimes it comes in handy, and I hope that you don't mind seeing all the pictures. Does anyone know how to insert images quicker? I click on the insert image button, then browse for the picture and then it takes a minute or two to load. I just reformatted my laptop, so it doesn't run too badly. I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas.

Quick story before I publish this post. (I don't have any pictures so it should be fine :) ). The other morning, Maggie was scratching on the door to go outside, and Kelly heard her, so he got up to let her out. He then came and woke me up and said "I can't find either Olive or Clyde" So I jump out of bed, throw my glasses on and run downstairs. I looked in their area and saw Elsie and Olive sleeping, so I knew it was Clyde. I like to say I'm a pretty observant person, so luckily I noticed that the old mattress cover we had folded and tacked to the wall looked different. Clyde had crawled into the fold of the mattress cover and gotten stuck. He was kind of wrapped up tight, and probably was comfortable so he was fast asleep. I reached in and pulled him out, then put him by his sisters to continue sleeping. I asked Kelly what time it was and it was 6:45am.Goodness! So, I went back to bed.

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