Sunday, June 13, 2010


18 days have passed since these little ones were born. Honestly, it feels much longer than that. It feels like we've had these puppies for maybe a month or longer. We love them so much!

This past week they became "toddlers". Their eyes are open, they're ears are opening, they are starting to walk and bark and notice their surroundings. You probably don't want to know - but they are even starting to go potty on their own!

This picture may not look like much to you, but it makes me so happy. This morning, about 15 minutes ago, Maggie went into the box, laid down and let her babies nurse. I sat back and watched in amazement and tried to not help the puppies. They will learn how to find the nipple on their own. I've been too eager as a mom, and haven't put much trust in Maggie the past couple weeks. From the first time Maggie sat on a puppy, I've tried playing mommy. Sure, there have been times Maggie has gone and sat in the box, but I've always made sure she lays down, and I've helped them find the nipple. I think it's helped, but it's now time to step back and see what she does. In fact, next week, we can start feeding them some puppy food.

Let me tell you about all the firsts this week.

Their eyes opened:

 This is Olive at day 16 - I couldn't get this good of a picture of the others.

They are starting to wobble and walk:

Here's an 18 day old Clyde trying to get steady on his legs. I have videos, but can't get them to load right now.

They got their first toys:

They had their first "manicure"

Thank goodness Kelly was able to do it - I wouldn't have been able to - they wiggle too much!

First accident:
Glad I didn't show the accident? LOL But if you notice, the bedding is changed. I had to do that this morning.  They are growing up!

Last week I said that their looks were starting to be different, but they weren't showing much personality yet. This week we are seeing little glimpses of what they might be like as grown up puppies. 


He is our wiggler. He seems pretty quiet, but he moves a lot. He is developing just ahead of the girls, even though he is the smallest. Once he does something, we know the girls shouldn't be too far behind. He still isn't eating the best, but is growing. We learned a tip yesterday to maybe help him eat more so we don't have to supplement, and so we are trying that first. 


Olive is the next to develop after Clyde. She seems really laid back and is the best eater, but not quite as big as Elsie. I say she's laid back because we haven't seen too much of a personality, but we know it should start showing any day now. I also have to mention that all of her little paws have white tips!


Elsie is our big girl. She is the last to develop, but she seems the most eager to do everything. She's the most vocal and has started to bark in the last day or so. If Maggie is standing in the box cleaning a puppy, she is trying to stand up to get to a nipple. (Kind of like a baby cow :) )

We haven't been able to do much outside the house the past few weeks because we can't leave the puppies home alone too long. There is a Pug Meet this coming Saturday, and I think we are going to try and bring them there. Yesterday, we went downtown to BoDo to eat and saw them setting up for the end of the IronMan race, but we didn't see any racers. Yeah - that's the most exciting thing. LOL I don't mind because it's been so much fun to watch these puppies. I've made videos of them eating and sleeping so I can watch them years from now. As I say all the time - I'm SO excited to see how they grow and develop in the next few weeks! :)

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