Sunday, June 27, 2010

Meeting the Fam

 My 2 year old nephew, Joey and the puppies

Yesterday, my family came to meet the puppies. My parents had seen the puppies a couple weeks ago, but they are much more cuter these days. We had just eaten at Tucanos for Natalie's birthday (see post below) and then we came to my house.

I brought the puppies outside and spread a blanket on the grass and we all sat down to play with them.

My dad with Elsie

Natalie took a liking to Clyde.

My mom doesn't really like dogs, but think they're cute. :) Joey mostly wanted to "fix" a sprinkler he found, and then would come and check the puppies out, before running off to play. (He's two... lol)

Joey sat down next to Natalie's boyfriend, Adam and we piled the puppies on top.

Clyde fell asleep on Natalie and one of the girls checked her out. (I think it's Elsie - it's hard to tell if I can't clearly see their paws or tail...)

Maggie was really well behaved. Not that she's a bad dog, but usually when people come over, she barks and kind of goes after them, not to bite them, but she's just guarding, I guess.  It sounds like she's mean, but she's really not mean to anyone, stranger or family. I kept Maggie in the house for a little bit, and then let her out and she was really calm and let my dad pet her. 

Olive started to bite Maggie's tail, Maggie wasn't sure what to think...

All in all, it was really fun to have my family come over and play with the puppies. I think they enjoyed it too. :)

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