Sunday, June 6, 2010

They're Only Going To Get Cuter

 Elsie looks so huge here on her back - you can usually find at least one of them like that when they sleep. :)

The puppies are 11 days old now. They are growing really well, and their eyes should open any day now, followed by their ears, and then they will start walking! I think they are getting their voices because I was sleeping upstairs with the door closed and I could hear them downstairs crying (don't worry, they're fine. :) ) and they will occasionally bark when they sleep. It's so cute! Elsie, the last one born, the one that hid and was born three hours later, is a whopping 20 oz, from being 5 oz at birth! Olive isn't too far behind - she's 17 oz, and eating the best out of the three. Clyde is our little guy, he's only 12 oz and growing slowly, but steadily - about an ounce a day. Here is their birth and 11 day pictures. I almost can't hold Elsie with one hand anymore!

(she yawned during the picture!)


They are starting to get their own looks to them, but their personalities aren't really showing yet. Pretty soon we are going to have to build a fence of some sort and keep them in the dining room on the linoleum to give them a bigger space they can't jump out of, because we actually have them in a small kiddie pool. LOL The pool should hold them for another week or so, but I'd say it's time to start getting things ready.

As I've mentioned before, this room we have them in is pretty warm, and Maggie has decided the cubby on the bottom of the TV stand is a great place to cool off.

And just because I feel I'm neglecting Brodie (we aren't - lol) I'll add a picture of him. He's getting more and more brave to check out these "things that make sound and take attention away from me" Here he is checking out Olive when I took her picture at 8 days old.

Sorry I loaded a lot of pictures on here - I have about a million more! :) This weekend has seemed so short, I think because I had so much time off last week. I'll go back to work Monday night and Kelly will start not sleeping again. I feel so bad for him because he's only taking little naps throughout the day. I get home in the morning, Kelly goes to work and I watch the puppies until he gets home around 1pm. Then I sleep from about 2pm to 8pm. I hope that this week maybe I can lose a little sleep and let him sleep some more.

Okay, I know I've written a lot. Everyone's sleeping so I don't have a lot to do. (Although I could just watch these puppies sleep for a really long time  - they are that cute)  :)

Leave a comment at let me know you were here! I'd love to know who I'm actually talking to when I write. :)

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