Monday, June 21, 2010

Puppy Overload

 I thought this picture was kind of cool. :)

As of today, the puppies are 26 days old. As Kelly says - They are becoming self aware. :) Other than the fact that every day they are extremely cuter (is that even a way to say it?), there aren't tons of milestones to report like last week.

Kelly is amazing though. We had the puppies in a kiddie pool covered in blankets for the first three weeks, but Olive started to climb out. (Remember when I said she wasn't showing much personality last week? Yeah, I think she was just saving up, because she cracks me up now. :) ) I didn't make time this past week to work on building them a new place, and so Kelly did it. I gave him these crate shelf things - I don't have a picture of them, and it's hard to explain them. (I spent much more time than I should have googling them for a picture.. lol.) But anyway, they connect and you can make shelves or boxes with them, so we made walls. Kelly did an awesome job, here's what he did.

He covered the wire in sheets and taped two pillows together so Maggie can get in and out, but the puppies can't. Then I padded the wall a with mattress cover. (Thanks to the housekeeping staff at the hotel I work at. Before the puppies were born, I was allowed to take as many stained (but clean - nothing gross) and ripped linen I wanted. :) ) I was so happy when I got home the morning after he had done it. It seems so big right now, but as soon as they start running around, it will look much smaller. I think it's awesome. Thanks Kelly! Love you! (hehe! :) )

Olive still wants out, but she can't figure it out yet.

The other day, we looked into their "home" and saw them sleeping, but Clyde had his mouth wrapped around Elsie's leg. It was quite funny.

Speaking of Clyde, he's so funny when they are nursing. Olive and Elsie latch right on, but for some reason, Clyde thinks he has to stand up to eat. I'll try to put his face near a nipple, and he'll stand up on his back legs. So I just let him figure it out, and after a little while, he does.

I'm glad I took this picture - it will always be funny to me. :)
Elsie and Olive like to cuddle after they eat - and sometimes they choose to include me!
Since I mentioned cuddling - Kelly likes to hang out with one on the couch sometimes. This is what I found once - Elsie snuggling down where she wanted to be.

Yesterday (Sunday), we took the puppies outside for the first time. We spread a blanket on the deck and brought them out. They were pretty cute. They would be in the sun and start to pant. It was adorable. Then they would crawl over to the shade and take a nap. They seemed to like to be outside in the fresh air. 

Call me vain, but I like this picture. :) Left to right is Elsie, Clyde and Olive.

Elsie and Olive enjoying the fresh air.

Clyde took a nap.

Maggie watching over her babies. (While licking her lips. LOL)

It was a beautiful afternoon before a couple storms came over. While we were outside, the owner of their daddy, Royce came over. Mark comes over every weekend to see the puppies, but hasn't brought their daddy yet. It's fun to have him come over, because we see the puppies everyday, so their growth isn't as noticeable to us, but it is to him. We are working on getting a picture of Royce, so keep an eye on the right sidebar for a picture of him!

The title of this post is called puppy overload because on Saturday we got to go to Kelly's mom's house and meet her new puppy, Harvey. Harvey is a Boston Terrier like Brodie, and they also have Maybeline (AKA Maybe) He's super cute and very playful. 

He moves fast, so this one is a little blurry.

Maybe moves fast too, this was the best one I got.

Well, I think I've loaded plenty of pictures. But, I have many more. :) 

I always want to post in the middle of the week, but between sleep, work and getting some normalcy back (actually being able to sleep normal hours (which for me is 10am to 6pm ish, lol) and being able to actually run errands in the evening) most of my free time is spent playing and watching these amazing little dogs. I love them so much! :)

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