Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I really want to update with a lot of pictures, but I just can't seem to get used to Linux! I don't have a lot of time right now to try and figure it out. I started a post and went to put some pictures on it, but I can't get the folder to open with decent enough thumbnails so I can see which picture I'm looking for.  I could, however find the last picture I took, which was Maggie's latest "pregnancy picture"

 She is 60 days through her 63 day pregnancy in this shot!

I took this about an hour before I went to work tonight - can you see how miserable the poor girl looks? She should have those puppies by the end of the week!

We did go on a "Puppymoon" this weekend. (Y'know - like couples do before the baby comes?) One last trip to the park. We bought Brodie a new frisbee and wanted to try it out. We had gone to check out Northwest Pets in Eagle and ended up buying a $13 frisbee! (Good thing Kelly's Brother, Dan went halfsies with us!) 

Maggie and I like to hang out and be lazy when we go. :)

We were in a baseball field, and whenever Brodie's frisbee would go in the dirt, he couldn't pick it up, he would scratch at it, and move it all around - at points it looked like he was doing the moonwalk! You probably had to be there, but here's some pictures...

After trying to pick it up with his mouth - he wound up looking like this - the little guy doesn't even care he has dirt in his mouth - he just wants to play! (He has been hurt so many times playing, but doesn't notice until we get home!)

I'll admit - most of the weekend was spent playing Red Dead Redemption together on the Playstation 3... but we did go see Shutter Island in the dollar theatre during the heavy rainstorm that I guess brought snow to Mtn Home! 

I'm working tonight, but I took the rest of the week off for Maggie's labor. (Did I ever mention that I work as a Night Auditor at Homewood Suites in Boise? I work 9 hour shifts, four nights a week and get Friday, Saturday and Sunday off - It's pretty nice!) I'll definitely post pictures when the puppies come! I can't wait! :)

Edit: I did put up with searching for the pictures - I guess if you want to do something enough, you'll figure out a way! LOL

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