Wednesday, May 19, 2010


This past Friday, my laptop got a major virus! I was out shopping (two new shirts that I love - that's rare for me! :) ) and Kelly was watching some videos on Live Leak and he thinks that somehow something was downloaded through watching a video. He said the computer started beeping, so he unplugged the internet right away and told his brother, Dan, who is good at computer stuff. So he ran AVG and it found 5 infected files. He tried to get rid of them, but couldn't. Later, we tried to turn the computer back on, and these weird messages kept popping up, I took pictures of them, but obviously haven't been able to load them, but I found some screen shots online.

If you really read the bubble, it's written kind of poorly. That was the first hint that it wasn't Windows. There's also another window that pops up asking for your Windows key code. Yeah, not going to type that in...  

This is another thing that opens, when this comes up, we would just shut the laptop off. Dan did some research and tried to get it off, but ended up just reformatting my laptop. The problem with that was we can find my windows disc... So, he put Linux on it. I played around with it a little the other day, and it's different than Windows, so we're hoping that we can find the Windows disc.

About Maggie-

We took her to the vet (where Kelly works) on Friday to get an X-ray to see how many puppies she was having. Silly me, I got a little too anxious and ended up going to early. The bones weren't developed enough to really tell. They were able to eventually tell that she was going to have at least three puppies. She is due next week, and I'm only working Monday and will take the rest of the week off - 6 days off! I have the "nursery" ready, (good thing we have an extra bedroom in the house!) and have been gathering all sorts of supplies. I have done so much research, I think you can see it coming out of my ears! I'll definitely take and post pictures when they are born! Yay! :)

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