Monday, May 31, 2010

I Love Them!

So the puppies are 5 days old now and they are growing so fast! Elsie is our big girl, Clyde is the little guy and Olive is right in between, but it seems like she is growing very fast - almost caught up to Elsie.

Here are some before and after pictures, with them being 1 day old (if even that old - I think they were just a few hours old) on top and 5 days old on the bottom.




Okay, okay - so I messed up and have since switched Olive and Elsie around. (You probably wouldn't have even noticed if I hadn't said anything, huh?) I had the sneaking suspicion I had done that, but it hadn't been confirmed until I had put the pictures side by side. I put a very small dab of yellow nail polish on the back of Olive's neck so that we can tell the two girls apart. So this is where they stay - oops... LOL 

We had the owner of their daddy come over on Saturday to see them, and then Kelly's parents came over right after. We wouldn't let anyone touch them because we were pretty sure Maggie wouldn't like that. She doesn't particularly like us picking them up, but will tolerate it. Kind of like this:
We were trying to take a picture of all three, but we had to move fast and this is the best one we got. (because my camera sucks - it wont take pictures in rapid succession -  and Maggie was in the As you can see, Maggie is making sure that they are okay. 

You can see their size difference here, from left to right is Olive, Clyde and Elsie.

Our schedule during my time off has been pretty crazy - I usually take two different four hour naps while Kelly watches them during the day and then Kelly will sleep for about 6 or 7 hours in the early morning while I watch them. It's all going to change when I have to go back to work tonight. :( It's going to be so hard! First, just to be away for that long, and second because I will probably be so tired! (good thing it's Memorial Day - my hotel is a business hotel, so we don't get many families on vacation, so we shouldn't be too busy tonight)

When they sleep, they are supposed to twitch to stimulate their muscles, and sometimes their whole bodies jump and they let out a little bark - we love it!

By next weekend, they should be opening their eyes and then during the week after that, their ears will open, and then the fun really starts! I can't wait! :)

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