Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mini-Moon to McCall!

Kelly and I are lucky enough to have some friends who have a house in McCall, Idaho and offered to let us use it for a weekend after our wedding. McCall is in the mountains in central Idaho, and is about 2 1/2 hours north of Boise, where we live. It's a resort town, and I've mainly visited the town during their winter carnival in the snow, so it was nice to see McCall without snow covering the ground.

 This was the view from the front door of the house we stayed in. It's so beautiful! I love Idaho! =) The house is on a fairly new golf course that used to be a ranch. It's really nice because they tried to keep the golf course woodsy and it makes you actually feel like you are in the mountains.

This is the view from the back yard, there were a few ponds and a little stream connecting them. We went outside one night and even though it was kind of cloudy, you could still see some stars through the clouds and it was so quiet and peaceful. (Except for all the

We headed into McCall on Saturday and went down to one of the beaches of Lake Payette. It was too cold to swim, and it started raining while we were there, but it was great to see it and just enjoy nature. =)

We went to the McCall fish Hatchery and it was really cool to see 1.5 million baby fish all in one room! We were driving around trying to figure out what to do and we saw a sign for the hatchery, so we thought we'd stop by. We went on the little tour they had, and it was actually pretty interesting! (For an Idaho girl like me, LOL)

We took a "hike" through the golf course. We wanted to take a real hike into the mountains, but it was raining off and on, and it was probably a good idea we didn't only because later that day it poured! So, we set out to explore the golf course. Like I said, they kept it pretty woodsy, so it was kind of like a

 This is as far as both of us got before we turned back. Maybe if it was a warmer day we wouldn't have been so nervous to fall into the creek. lol
 We didn't have to worry about falling into freezing cold water on this log!

We just happened to be down by Payette Lake again right at sunset, so we walked along the beach and watched the sunset. 

This is what the view from the front door looked like the morning we left.

We called it a mini-moon because we plan to go to Las Vegas in September for our real honeymoon.  We didn't do much in McCall, we ate at a few places people recommended and just walked around the town, and took in the scenery. It was nice to get away for the weekend with each other. I can't wait to go to Vegas for a week in September! =)

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