Wednesday, June 15, 2011


We don't go fishing very often, but this past Saturday was Free Fishing Day, so we jumped at the chance! I grew up fishing - with a Dad who grew up in Star Valley, Wyoming (Western Wyoming, the pretty part!), we did a lot of camping and fishing, and it's something I hope I can always be able to do. I don't have many pictures from the day (phew! I kind of like to make my posts picture, but I'll share some of them. We weren't in the mountains, we went to a park near the city called Eagle Island State Park, (About a 15 minute drive from our house) it's pretty much just a pond they stock with fish, and they have a swimming area for people and a water slide, also. So, not too rustic. LOL

 It wasn't really cold, but Kelly was smart to cover up, mostly from the mosquito bites! I ended up with 5 on my left shoulder, alone! 
 I didn't catch anything. =(
 Kelly caught two Bass, though!

It's really too bad Kelly lost the top half of his pole... He got it caught in one of the trees on an island and the line broke, and the pole fell into the water. There is a Renaissance Faire at that park nest weekend, so hopefully we can go enjoy the fair and take the boat and look for the pole! lol (We know exactly where it should be, so I'm really hoping they can get it out of the water.) I hope that doesn't discourage him from fishing more this summer, I really want to go again! (I need to catch a fish!)

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