Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My sister is married!

Last weekend, we headed down to Logan, Utah (Northern Utah) to see my sister get married. We had two weddings in two months in our family! We left Boise on Thursday June 2nd, the wedding was Friday June 3rd. The cool thing about the date is that my grandparents got married on June 1st, 1948 in Logan, my parents got married June 2nd, 1976 in Logan, so my sister was able to get married on June 3rd, 2011 in Logan. I had always thought that would be really neat to do, but it just didn't work for me. =)

Here is my sister, Natalie and her new husband, Adam! The amazing thing, is that she made that cake all by herself!  Here's a better picture of the cake,

Isn't that awesome?

Her 3 year old son, Joey and our 7 year old niece, Emma got to be ring bearer and flower girl again! They did a great job for a second time! Joey stood up with Natalie and Adam during the ceremony and it was super cute. 

The wedding took place in a beautiful park with a stream going through it. They got married in front of black and silver tinsel and after the wedding, Joey started playing in the tinsel.
In fact, he enjoyed playing in the tinsel so much, that we had to bring it over to get him into a family picture. I'm not sure how the professional pictures turned out, but this is the best one I had on my camera. 

I'm sure the photographer got a much better picture. LOL

It was a long day, but we had a good time.  The night before, Kelly and I were playing with the kids. Emma and Joey and my cousins' kids, Hailey, Lauren and Greyson. They wore us out! 

 Emma got stuck in Joey's swing. hehe

We played all sorts of games with them, tag, freeze tag, red rover, and running hold hands. lol We really did have a lot of fun playing with them, though. Here are some pictures from that.

The day after the wedding, we spent time playing with the kids again, this time at an indoor fun park. You pay $2 or $3 and you play on this big padded jungle gym with slides. 
 This is Hailey (My cousin, Kurts' daughter) and Lizzie (My cousin Melissa's daughter)
 I kept trying to get good pictures of them coming down the slide, and I got a few, but I already have plenty of pictures on here, so I'll just show my one of my favorites. I love this one, because Emma looks like she's having a blast!
 My cousin, Melissa and her daughters, London and Lizzie getting ready to go down the big slide! She said they went really fast because of the weight of the three on them. lol
Lauren, Hailey and Lizzie at the top.

Sorry I made this so picture heavy. It's a problem I have....lol Kelly and I had a good weekend. We left Logan about 11pm Saturday night and drove back to Boise through the night and got home about 3am. It was good for us, because it opened up Sunday, so we could get some things done and relax before going back to work. It seems to be the year of the wedding, we were first in April, then my sister in June, I have a friend getting married next weekend, (We can't go, though. =(  ), one of my oldest friends is getting married in October (!!!) and I'm sure there are more to come! =)

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