Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy Birthday to Clyde!

We put his PugPossesed tie on for this special occasion. =)

Clyde turned one year old on either Thursday May 26th, or Friday May 27th! I feel horrible, but all 6 of the puppies were born before and after midnight and I've got it written down somewhere, but I just haven't found it. (I'm pretty sure I know where the paper is, but there is SO much in that room, I'm scared to look!) I spent Friday mostly happy for Clyde, but there were thoughts in the back of my mind of the 3 puppies we lost that day a year earlier. (You can read the story here, but it's sad, so I don't recommend it.) But, anyway, we thought we would have a birthday party for Clyde, so we scheduled it for Saturday afternoon and it was a blast!

We invited his sisters, Olive and Elsie (who is now Izzy) and his dad, Royce. Elsie's family couldn't make it, which was sad, since we haven't seen her since August, but I totally understand people are busy. We also invited some friends and their dogs, Simon and Yang who own Toro and FeiFei, a Boston Terrier and Pug, and my friend, Maribel, her daughter, Stephanny and their poodle, Canela.

 Olive! She's a silly wild girl!
 Maggie, the mommy!
 Toro, our Boston Terrier friend! He is so well behaved!
 FeiFei and her daddy, Simon.
Royce, the daddy!

Olive and her family arrived first and Clyde had to lay down some ground rules. We thought it might be a disaster because he was growling at her and would get upset if anyone paid attention to Olive! I think he remembered it was his sister and something snapped in his head, but after a few minutes, they started playing and it seemed like they were having a lot of fun, phew! 

 People brought gifts! We didn't even think people would bring gifts!

After everyone arrived, we brought out the cake! I had made a cake the dogs can eat, it has flour, peanut butter, carrots, honey and vanilla in it, and then the frosting was cream cheese, cinnamon and agave nectar. (it was supposed to be honey, but we ran out...lol) The dogs loved it! (Sorry about the horrible frosting job on the cake, I forgot to let the cream cheese soften and ran out of time...LOL)

 (Oh, I forgot to mention that I chopped 13 1/2 inches off my hair and donated it to Locks of Love the week after the wedding!)

Then we opened presents, Clyde didn't quite get the hang of unwrapping presents. Maybe we'll work on it... We got Olive a Busy Bone since it was her birthday, too. =)

 Clyde kind of checking out his present....
 Olive loved her busy bone!

Towards the end of the party, Clyde came and sat next to me. he was sooo tired. LOL

I don't think I've ever seen him nap for so long. =)

We had so much fun with our party! We are hoping to do it again sometime later this summer when we can actually have a BBQ outside when it's warmer. (Yeah, it's still averaging in the 60s here...(It was about 53 degrees for our party) we will get hot...sometime... I don't know what Mother Nature is doing, but I guess I'll take it, because when it's 100 degrees later this summer, I'll be wanting it back. LOL ) Sorry this post is so picture heavy, I'm just kind of like that. I need to post about out mini-moon to the mountains of Idaho (not that we roughed it, though...lol) hopefully I can do that tomorrow night. My sister is getting married this Friday on June 3rd, so we are heading to Utah on Thursday for that! (Yes, two weddings in 6 weeks... my poor mother... hehe!) 

I'm so glad we had Clyde. We had such a hard time trying to figure out if we were going to keep him or one of his sisters, but there is just something special about this little guy. We had always planned to keep a girl puppy, but he latched on to my heart and didn't let go, so we had to keep him. I love him so much! =) =)

Here are some pictures of him growing up.

 This is him at 25 days old. His eyes were open and he was figuring out how to walk.
He would always crawl into my lap and play with his sisters from there. =)
 How could you say no to this face?!
 Here he is with his mommy looking especially cute.
 See? Always in my lap. He is still like that. He constantly needs my attention. lol
 My baby boy. =)

(Sorry, I added more pictures...hehe!)

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