Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lewis and Sally

We have ducks that come visit us in our front yard! I just thought the female looked like a Sally (Kelly agrees) and I named the male Lewis because I work for Homewood Suites and the mascot is Lewis the duck. (Named after Meriwether Lewis, for some reason)

They just started showing up in our front yard, so of course we started to feed them, and even filled a kiddie pool with water for them!

They checked out the pool...

Drank from it....
Then got in for a swim! I mean, their feet touch the ground, but they still like to be in the water, right? =)

We had to put a rock there as a step so they could get in, but I think they like it! We don't know a whole lot about ducks, but from what we've read, bread is like junk food for them, so we feed them thawed peas and corn, but they still prefer the bread. If they are there when we get home or go outside, they quack at us to feed them! It's really funny! Honestly, I hope they aren't too dependent on us as humans, though and can find their own food. I think they are okay, though, because we actually haven't really seen them in a few days (not like we have in the past month, but we've seen them a couple times), and from what I've read, that probably means their baby ducklings hatched somewhere (I guess they can leave their eggs for a little while... at least that's what I think I've gathered from what I've read, I hope to learn more!) I hope they bring their babies for a swim sometime!

Please let me know if you know any more than I do, we really want to take care of them (Not like pets or to make them dependent on us) and we want to educate ourselves on them so that next year we can be prepared. =)

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