Friday, October 21, 2011

Let's Try This...

My goodness! I started this post 6 weeks ago, and I'm finally getting back to it! (I only know that because I had to delete the part I had written here saying how I'll be 17 weeks in a couple days! I'm now 23 weeks along in my pregnancy and I'm feeling pretty good!)
~*~End of July~*~
At the end of July, we went to the Boise Music Festival. It's a huge free concert in the park with acts that aren't very popular anymore, but fun to see anyway. Last year was BackStreet Boys and Brett Michaels (Remember my Pictures of Trees post?) We didn't have tons of fun last year, but figured we'd go this year because Sugar Ray and MC Hammer were performing. Who wouldn't want to see them?! (Apparently no one... It was possibly more packed than last year!) I think they had the stage in a different position this year, and we came in from a different entrance, so we were actually able to see the stage! We saw Sugar Ray, and had fun with that (top picture, I think that's them, it's hard to tell... )
Then, MC Hammer came on and started performing and it was fun, but it was starting to get really crowded at that point and I almost got knocked off the chair I was standing on a couple times, and there was almost a fight with me in the middle. That was about the time we decided it wasn't really fun anymore, so we left. But, before all of that, MC Hammer was performing and came off the stage, walked through everyone, and got up on the sound stage we were right next to! So we got some decent pictures and video of him, so that was pretty cool!


 We celebrated Kelly's mom's birthday on August 2nd. Kelly and I made her a coconut cake. It wasn't a very easy recipe, but we made it and it actually turned out! We had just found out we were pregnant earlier that week, so we got her a bib that said "I Love Grandma" on it and wrapped it up for her. I think she enjoyed that birthday gift. hehe!
 Maggie got into the birthday spirit, too. =)
Clyde just wanted some cake, and jumped up onto the table to see if he could taste some... Poor guy - he didn't get any.

Later that month, I travelled down to Utah with my parents to my cousin, Joshs' wedding. I had just started experiencing morning sickness, which at that point was mostly just no appetite, so that made for an interesting trip. (It wasn't the only thing that made the trip one to remember, though!) It was great to see some of that family, though! It's a side that I don't see very often, so I wanted to make sure I was able to go.

We got to the luncheon and visited with family. We had some time between the luncheon and the reception, and were kind of wondering what we were going to do.
 We were standing talking with family, and all of a sudden Joey (my 3 yr old nephew) fell back, and hit his head on a pillar! (Sorry - TMI - that affected me so much that I was bawling, almost passed out and then got sick! I was about 7 weeks pregnant then.) We ended up having to take him to the hospital to get three stitches in the back of his head! Poor guy!
 This is a picture of his head after he got the stitches put in, and the picture below is of him dancing at the reception. You would have never guessed what he had been through that day! (Well, I'm sure the painkillers were helping, too!)
 Of course, no trip to Utah would be complete without seeing my Grandma! I love this lady so much! One of my favorite people!

At the end of August, we went to the Western Idaho Fair. I was in full blown morning sickness, but still wanted to go, so we went, twice. LOL I realized snow cones were great treats for a pregnant lady! Look at these bad boys!

 We saw a cute sea lion show!

We also got to walk through a fun butterfly exhibit. =)

Sometime in August or September, I was able to get Maggie and Clyde matching harnesses. I'm still pretty excited about these. =)

Kelly had won a Roaring Springs ticket at my work BBQ earlier this summer, so we made sure to take advantage of it before summer ended. Of course, I was pregnant by then, and in full blown morning sickness mode, so I just hung out in the lazy river, the un-crazy part of the wave pool, and took pictures of Kelly and his brother, Dan going down the slides. I was totally fine with this since I wasn't feeling so well. lol

Y'know, looking through the pictures I have to add to this blog, I can't find any of something we did in September. LOL We were going to go a big vacation to Florida, with trips to all the theme parks, but hadn't taken into account me getting pregnant. When we realized this, we were going to put off trying for another month so we could go, but Baby Girl decided it was time for her instead! But we are so excited for her to join us, and although we are putting the trip off for a few years, we plan on making it a family vacation!


October 8th was the Boise Diamond Dash. This is a scavenger hunt through downtown Boise for a $10,000 diamond ring! You would get clues on your phone through texts, and have to run to a place in  downtown Boise, find the answer (it was usually a trivia question), answer back through text, and when you got it right (or wring three times) they would send you to the next area to answer another question. The people who won were the ones who got the most answers right in the two hour period. It was pretty fun and we plan on participating next year. I wont be pregnant, so we might be able to run a little faster! lol

 We started on the steps of the Capital building. I can't remember how many couples participated, but it was A LOT!

We went to a wine festival out in Kuna at the Indian Creek Winery. (Even though we don't drink wine, and I'm pregnant It was cold and rainy that day, but Kelly was still game to smash some grapes! (I didn't want to have to take my boots and socks off!)
My handsome hubby in the bucket.
 After he had smashed the grapes.

There was a super cute lab puppy there who was very interested in drinking the grape juice!

Well, that's it for the pictures I have uploaded since I uploaded the pictures 6 weeks ago! Hopefully I can blog a little more about a couple other things, and then get current on here! It WILL happen, I  WILL get back into it! Congrats for reading all of this. Sorry, I promise it won't happen again. =)

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