Sunday, December 5, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend

So this is how my weekend started on Wednesday. Driving from Boise, Idaho to Logan, Utah on roads that looked like this. (This picture is from my cell phone). It was never really very dangerous for me, luckily, and I was following my parents the whole way. There were times we were only going 20mph, and then times when we were going 65mph, it just depended.

We finally arrived at my Grandma's house in Logan and visited with my Grandma, my sister Natalie, who takes care of my Grandma, her 2 1/2 year old son Joey and my oldest sister, Alicia (her 7 year old daughter, Emma was in New Jersey with her dad). The next morning, on Thanksgiving, we always wake up and watch the Macy's parade, and look through Black Friday ads, while dinner is being prepared. 

Even Joey got into looking at the ads. He was telling us what he wanted. (he doesn't want any Barbies...)

Then we ate a yummy dinner! From right to left is Adam (Natalie's fiance), Joey, Natalie, Me and Alicia

 Joey loves his Great-Grandma :)

My mom, sisters and I are big Black Friday shoppers, so we got up at 4:30am and got to Shopko a little after 5am. Alicia lives in Phoenix, and it was 12 degrees that morning! (but, it was -12 degrees Thanksgiving morning! Needless to say, we stayed inside, lol) So it was really cold for her!
Love the view from Logan! (I also got my first taste of Chick-Fil-A! YUM!)

Look at our loot!

Friday night we went and Saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Even my 82 year old Grandma came! She's read all the books). We sat in the in the 2nd row, and it was close! I've only seen the first couple movies (I know - GASP!) and so I didn't really know what was going on, and I eventually fell asleep (whoops...) But, I do have to say, I think I'll get caught up in time for part 2.

Joey loves popcorn :)

On Saturday, I really wanted to stay, but I needed to get home because I had to work Sunday night, and I wanted a day to relax before work. So that afternoon I left to head home, and caught some pretty views. 

This is the Wellsville Mountains, which is part of the Wasatch Front

I drove home and didn't really hit any bad weather, and then I got to Mountain Home (where I grew up), which is 45 miles away from Boise. The snow was coming down really hard, so I thought I'd stop and get some more gas, just in case. I couldn't even find the exit! (and I'm from there!) Finally, I was able to find the exit and get off the freeway, and as I was putting gas in the car, I decided to go to my parents house and wait out the storm. (it was dark, if it was daylight, it might have been better) I called my mom, who was still in Logan and told her I was going to hang out at their house for a little while. I went to the house and ended up just saying the night, and I left the next morning. This is what the road looked like to Boise.

It wasn't horrible, but I was glad it wasn't snowing like the night before.
I got home, unpacked my stuff and tried to relax before having to go to work that night. I had to work 5 nights instead of the regular 4, and it was hard! I ended up having to stay late a couple of the mornings because of more snowstorms. We got a lot of snow in the past week and a half! I'll post about that later! :) 

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