Monday, November 8, 2010

Batteries Not Included...

Okay, so I put newly charged batteries in my camera this weekend, and then when I wanted to take a picture, my camera wouldn't turn on. So, our battery charger is dead, and we need to get a new one. I could go to the store and buy some regular batteries, but I'm kind of cheap.

But, last weekend was my birthday weekend (yep, here we have birthday weekends, not just a day. :) ) so we had big plans, but none of them really worked out. We did them this weekend though, but of course - a dead camera can't capture that...

So here's we we did do last weekend:

Last Friday, we decided it might be fun to go catch a high school football game at Bronco Stadium. Like I said, I'm cheap - high school games are $6, while a BSU game is, well, a lot more than that. I used to march in the Blue Thunder Marching Band at BSU, so the stadium isn't anything new to me, but we still thought it would be fun to go. We watched the first half of the Capital High School vs Boise High School game, but left at halftime (no marching band show... :( ) when the score was 42 - 0, with Capital winning. (I did hear that Boise made a touchdown, though. LOL) If the high school state championships end up being at the stadium (I guess it depends who is playing) we are going to try to go to that game. It's pretty fun.

Hehe, I have my high school colored blanket at another schools game. :) (They do play against each other...)

See? We were there. :)

On Saturday we had Pug-O-Ween, which I already posted about, and then that night we went to The Farmstead, which is a Corn Maze in Meridian. 

 A big chair...

 They had this bouncy thing, and I think it's for kids, but we went on it anyway.

We cut through this one part and got totally lost - it was great. :)

Sunday was my birthday. It rained all day and we couldn't race the go karts at Wahooz, so we got a rain check for my free birthday pass and went this past weekend. Also, I had a free movie ticket, but we missed all the decent times, so we went and saw Megamind this weekend. I liked it, and recommend it. 

Like I've said before, I've been a little obsessed with wedding planning, we don't even have a venue yet! We are looking at April 16th as the date, but we are on a tight budget, so it's hard to find a decent venue. I've got a few in mind, and once we sign a contract, all the other ideas in my head will hopefully come together. I can't wait! :) :) :)

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