Wednesday, February 23, 2011


So Kelly hadn't officially proposed since we decided to get married in October. He was going to at Christmas, but I had to work Christmas Eve and Christmas, so it wasn't easy. He decided he was going to do it on Valentine's Day, so it was kind of weird knowing it was going to happen, but since we are obviously getting married in two months, I wanted it to happen. hehe!

Kelly made breakfast that morning, and when I came downstairs, I found all this! He never gets me flowers, so it was very special! (I dont hold that against him, though. lol) I love it all! =)

Yeah, it got a little

I thought it would be cool to have him propose at the chapel we're getting married at, so I drove us there. lol We got some sparkling cider and glasses and sat on a blanket and I read him a love note I wrote him. (which he loved, phew!) Then he said a bunch of sweet things and got on his knee and asked me to marry him. I loved it! I figured we better take the just got engaged picture, which is at the top. haha Then I wanted to take a picture of us with the chapel in the backround, and this is the best we got.

This is the chapel (I didn't take the picture though...) So Perfect!

After we left the chapel, we went and walked through Julia David Park. There were a bunch of geese there, so we chased them, of course. =)

Then we went home and took the dogs to take a picture. (since Brodie is with his new family, and everyone is great, by the way! we needed a new blog header) So here's one of the ones that we didn't use.

After that, we went and saw Gulliver's Travels at the dollar theatre and that night we went to Pojo's (A Sunday tradition, and also where we are having our after party for our wedding! hehe!) and then to Olive Garden. It was a great day!!! I love this guy!!!!

Hopefully I'll get back to blogging more after the wedding. I just want it here and gone! =)

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