Thursday, January 27, 2011

Brrr at the Pug meet!

On New Years Day, we went to a very cold Pug meet.  We're hard-core and usually don't miss any. We bundled ourselves and Maggie and Clyde up and headed to the park. There wasn't really anything unusual about this Pug meet except the temperature, but I got some pictures, so I'm posting them. :)

Can you see Maggie in the pink with Kelly at the snack table in the background? Yep - she's Pug - she knows where the food is, human or dog! LOL

 Maggie's also good at stealing seats...

I sat on the ground and my possessive little Clyde sat on my lap to make sure no one else took it. (and it was a warm lap...)

Even though it was so cold, there was still some brand new puppies there! They were 2 weeks old, and everyone made sure to keep them nice and warm. Who doesn't love a brand new puppy?
Of course, we love our old puppy, too. Here he is getting held my his Uncle Dan. :)

 Afterward, we went home and snuggled up near the heater. :)

I'm trying to get caught up on posting! I'll get there! :)

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